Stay Strong They Say

At some points in our lives, we can’t seem to get what we want. We can’t express our feelings or thoughts either. We may be to afraid of what may be thought or said of us, if our inner mind was to be loud.

We continue living in this shell, and we can’t break free from this shell, hoping someone might come along and break the shell for us.

We are told to be patient, and this life needs patience. Yet it’s hard to be patient not knowing what’s being held for you, and where your path in life is heading.

They say stay strong, and “destroy what is destroying you.” How can we destroy what’s destroying us, if we are the destroyer itself.

This life is a test. We won’t always get what we want, speak our minds, and be strong, without worrying about being judged, and seen differently by those we love.

8 thoughts on “Stay Strong They Say

  1. This is such an amazing writing, you are beyond talented. Be patient and stay strong with all the challenges you face in life.


  2. Hello there! Thank you for sharing such an inspiring blog. The statements you provided have so much meaning and make readers, like myself think about life and patience.

    Thank you again! Please continue publishing more blogs!


  3. Wow, your words are so strong! I can tell it has so many meanings and reasons to life. You inspired me to be a better person and to be at ease because there will be a time when problems occur. Please continue to write more, it has helped learn to be calm and never minimize your options!


  4. Writing is indeed a strong and useful tool to many people.. I’m glad you are using it 🙂

    Your writing is very expressive, and your word choice is capturing.

    I like the second to the last paragraph because it reflects your self-evaluation and personal awareness, while building your goals and inner fulfillment!

    Stay strong, and definetly, patience is a strength in itself!


  5. Maybe this life is not a test but maybe this is heaven or hell, depends on the perspective. And women are creators, like gods and goddesses, women create life and nurture it. It takes help and no woman can create alone. There is always a balance, as the cliche goes, a yin to the yang or a yang to the yin.

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  6. Beautiful crafted. But for me “stay strong” means believing in my own self, trying harder to get rid of what’s letting me in such a creepy situation. Letting me free, giving it time and fighting it out because I know I’ll never let my tears blind me and I’ll fight it out like a champion.. 🙂

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