All I have left are memories.

Memories that won’t leave me.

Memories that won’t leave my memory.

Memories that are permanent.

Memories that can’t be erased.

Memories that I won’t seem to let go of.

Memories that have left a scar on my heart.

Memories that can’t be explained.

Memories that no one can imagine.

Memories that are so beautiful.

Memories that are priceless.

Priceless because they are about you.

Memories that I will always cherish.

Memories that will live in me until the end.

Memories, is all that I have of you.


7 thoughts on “Memories

  1. It seems I have been missing out on your posts and I am glad I found them again. I love this one. It’s what I have been willing to admit to myself and I miss him. I have tried so hard to lie to myself about missing him but I do. Thank you for saying what I could not.

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      1. Im glad to hear that you feel this way about my blog. I really appreciate it. We all have someone who terribly miss and have things to say to them but we arent as brave to say the things to them.


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