I Saw You Again, in My Dream

I saw you again, in my dream. I saw you in my dream once again, but this time it was different. I dreamed that I was in a collision, a really bad one that is.

As my car was flipping in the air, my eyes were closed, and your image was playing in my head, and I found myself smiling at the moment, thinking I was going to die, and you were the only thing on my mind.

After my car landed at its final destination, I opened my eyes and realized I was still alive. I was alive but severely injured.

Right when my eyes opened, you were walking about two feet away from my car. To know that you were on my mind when I thought I was going to die, and to see you appear in front of me after I opened my eyes is no doubt a blessing for me.

It took a minute for you to realize that it was me who just got into a collision. As soon as you noticed me you worried and came running to make sure I was okay. You came to me and held my hand. With your hand on my hand, I forgot about all the pain I was in.

My tears from the pain I was in, turned to tears of joy. I grasped onto your hand tightly, to the point it turned red. You asked me in a jokingly way if I can let go of your hand, I apologized and I let go of your hand.

I watched you walk away, as you smiled to me. As my dream started to come to an end you were slowly disappearing and your smile was getting smaller.

I finally woke up to realize it was a dream. A dream I wish I didn’t wake up from. I still can’t seem to face the fact that it was just a dream. The feeling of your hand onto my hand felt so real and it didn’t feel as if I was dreaming.

I looked up the meaning of this dream, to see why I would dream of such a thing. The results of my search indicated that I need to confront you. To confront you of my sorrows, pain, and the feeling inside of me that’s causing me to dream of you on a daily basis.

The only way I can confront you, is in my dreams. I saw you again, in my dream!


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