Forget You

Why do you care if I live or die?

Why is it your business.

Who are you, I don’t even know you anymore.

It doesn’t even matter anymore when you hurt me or leave me.

I’m used to it.

There’s been plenty before us who have gone through this phase, but they have moved on.

What is it that you want to hear from me?

Words that comfort you?

Look at the pain you have caused my heart.

Who are you? I don’t even know you anymore.

Why do you care if I live or die?

Whats that going to change between us?

I’ve already lost all my trust in you.

You say things that you are, but forget it’s all lies.

I had good intentions with you, but you didn’t respect that.

Tell me again, why do you care if I live or die?


12 thoughts on “Forget You

  1. The actions of a claim Love, remains mysterious because the words are always sweeter, the passion seems to be greater, but the selfishness always supercedes togetherness and we are left in question, searching for why we stayed as long as we did….

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      1. That’s why we must stick to our faith….when someone isn’t putting in the work, we must continue search for someone to work with. Nothing is better than being surround by certainty. The question why is the answer….

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  2. It’s crazy how you and I both posted thoughts that expressed this angst that comes with trusting again, rebuilding confidence, loving again- searching for some type of certainty. I’ve learned in the last few moments that love is uncertain; it yields results that are spontaneous, fresh and new. So I can’t look at the old as I am trying to love in the new. People will disappoint us, people will break our hearts but that doesn’t mean we stop loving, that we stop caring. Sometimes people of our past will come and want to make amends, they’ll want to get that chance and I’ve learned that in order to truly forgive you must give them that chance. The more we forgive and let go and release, the freer we become to love again. One day, you’ll love again. One day, you won’t remember these harsh days. One day, you’ll cry tears of joy instead of pain. That day is coming, but until then love with everything- knowing that as you love you are setting your spirit free!

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  3. Focus on you and forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt. Forgive those who hurt you. Feel the pain and learn so you do not hurt another as you have been hurt. Cry and release the tears, the pain, and the sorrow. There are lessons to be learned. Teach yourself to learn how to grow like a lotus from the dark depths of the mud. It is a gift of love you shared. In the darkness, see the stars, and rise to their light. Tomorrow brings the sunrise, a new day, a new beginning, and another chance to live another day. Do not drown in sorrow. Swim in the ocean of pain to become stronger to survive the next storm.

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