Got To Get Up And Try Again

Finding someone is always easy, but finding someone who deserves my heart is the hard part.

My heart is pure white, and I am always sacrificing my life for those who are around me.

I always put others before myself.

Especially you, I put you before myself and everyone else.

After you, I have faced many ugly phases in my life.

When I think of it now, who are you to make me feel that way?

You are not worth my time or worth having me in your life.

You do not meet my standards, and never will meet my standards.

After all this, I have learned one thing,

God throws hardships at those he loves to test their patience.

I’m going to be honest, this hasn’t been an easy journey.

There have been many times when I couldn’t handle it anymore,

But finally I woke up and realized, you are not what I thought you were.

I am so over this and I am very happy to say you have been a waste of my time.

Yes you took all my emotions with you.

My happiness, sadness, love, everything in me, you took it all with you,

All you left in me is darkness.

But I am not going to continue crying about it like a baby.

I’m just going to continue living my life, like everyone else.

I am not saying that I wont be depressed again,

I am sure I will get flashbacks again and I will breakdown,

But that’s because I am Human,

But I know I’ll wake up the next day and start over again.

Got to get up and try again!

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