Not letting go

I never imagined me and you being the way we are now. I never thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle looking at you. It’s so bad that I can’t even fake a smile to you, I can’t even reply hi to you when you greet me with a hello. 

As the days pass, I continue living, but when I bump into you I relive all my moments with you. I continue to lie to myself saying I moved on and I let you go and you are my past, but when I see you once again, I then realize I haven’t let go. 


3 thoughts on “Not letting go

  1. Hey AK! I read your blog post, and I don’t know your situation but I’m really sorry that this person really hurt you. I used to be the same place as you, broken and not really sure how to keep the anger at bay but I realized that the longer I held on to what was done to me, the more miserable I stayed. The person I was angry at, they moved on with life- leaving me behind to pick up the broken pieces. Letting go of the memories and the pain is not for the other person, it’s for you: so that your heart can heal and be ready to embrace better. I just learned to let go and does this make me stupid and I repeat the same mistakes, no- but instead of looking at that individual in the lens of the past, I approach them in the present- free from their influence over me. When you let go, that power that was placed in that individual’s hands return back to you and what they do in life has no effect over you. I’m praying for you (for reals .lol.) and I hope that God heals your heart and give you peace. If you need anything- just message me!

    ❤ Mo

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