We all think about many things. We think about life, money, family, relationships, and etc. We spend our lives overthinking about all these useless things, that we forget to live. We forget to live in the moment and enjoy this life, this very short life.

Why do we think too much about things that bring nothing but stress and heartache, why don’t we think about things that bring us happiness, things to live for? Why do we go after the things that hurt us, that break us in half, things that keep us constantly thinking?

What if we stop thinking too much and just live moment by moment without thinking about what’s going to happen afterwards, wouldn’t it be better to just live and let life be full of surprises, than to think and think of what’s going to occur?

I mean, I myself am an overthinker and I hate that so much it drives me insane. I constantly think and think to the point I can’t sleep at night. I then stop and think if what I’m thinking about is it even worth my sleepless nights, the headaches I get from overthinking, the stress im living in? The answer is NO, it’s not worth it.

But at the end we are ALL human and thinking is something that will always live in us until the end. Thinking gets us nothing but anxious.

2 thoughts on “Over-Thinking

  1. I know what you mean. Maybe it’s youth. At my age, and being a mom to a 4-year old with ASD, I have made a decision not to lose sleep over things I cannot do anything about. I still enjoy introspecting and thinking about things, but only to relax myself. Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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