A Year Later

Its been a year since the day I met you. I wish I didn’t have to be here writing all this, but unfournately it was willed for me to be here writing out what I feel.

That day I met you I thought a year later we would be somewhere better then me blogging about how we are so drifted apart from each other.

It’s crazy how we can go to being the closest people to strangers. I constantly tell myself I want to try again with you, to the point I just want to throw myself at you again, regardless the fact I don’t even know exactly why we drifted apart.

It’s a year later and I still can’t seem to forget. I swear that you are constantly on the back of my mind, no matters what I do. I wake up thinking of you, and I sleep thinking of you.

You probably think I don’t care anymore, but trust me it’s all an act. An act where I try to hold myself in front of you, making myself seem so confident and that I don’t need you around, but trust me I do.

I’m afraid of this year, and what it holds for me, as I am feeling that I am going crazy. Last year as this time we were bonding with one another from sunrise to sunset, and now I’m just walking memory lane from sunrise to sunset thinking of you.

I don’t know why, WHY all this is happining between us, I don’t know why you don’t like the fact I’m too soft hearted, and say I’m too good for you, when I always think that I’m not good enough or ever be good enough for you.

A year later and I’m still thinking of you, and afraid of the coming years without you, and how I will be able to handle every year without you as this year has been difficult without you.

A year later… 

One thought on “A Year Later

  1. it seems that you’re hung up on your last love, and because of the way the person made you feel, you can’t quite let go, and i know what it’s like, to get hung up on someone whom you loved so deeply from before, i hope you feel better…

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